Monday, May 4, 2015

"Mommy, it's zoo day, fun day"

That was the first thing Ethan told me when he got up this morning and again when we got in the car. It was a beautiful day for the zoo. We met Auntie Crissa and Macy not too long after opening. There were a lot of field trips today but they didn't really seem to get in our way.

Excited to see the dinosaurs

We started the day on the carousel before we made our way to the African Safari. We fed the giraffes and made sure to see the newest baby giraffe. He was adorable. We also took a peek at the elephants and cheetahs while we were over there.

"Macy, do you want to get in that water down there?"

After lunch inside we went over the see the dinosaurs that Ethan was so excited about. He told me what he thought about each of them. He assured me that none of them are real and they are dead. Thanks, buddy. 
"Dinosaurs say ROAR! and little dinosaurs say (whispering) roar."
Pointing to a large and small tricerotops, "That's the mommy dinosaur and that's the Ethan dinosaur"
Macy found a tortoise that we all had to run around

This is where Ethan couldn't stop and told her he was going to run into her. He did give her fair warning I guess.

These guys spit on you!

"Oh my gaws!"
"Oh my gosh, he smashed that mustang"

We also enjoyed riding the train. So much so that Macy didn't want to get off. Brady enjoyed a little bit of freedom out of his stroller jail. Please excuse his lack of pants. There was an accident. 

The rest of the trip we just enjoyed walking around and listening to Ethan and Macy telling us everything we needed to know. We also had some fun in the Children's zoo. Ethan had to ride home without a shirt. 

Such a fun day. We are looking forward to making use of our zoo pass this year! Ethan had a great day. He told me at bedtime tonight that his favorite part were the dinosaurs and lunch. That kid...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy 11 months to Brady!

The countdown to 1 year has begun. The last 11 months have flown by, much faster than Ethan's first 11. I am not sure where my baby has gone. There is still a little bit of baby left there.

This month's picture was no easy feat. Not only did he not want to sit in the chair....AT ALL, but Ethan felt that he just had to have his picture taken before ANYONE ELSE!! This was the best we got looking straight at the camera.

This last month was a little tough on this little guy. It felt like it was non-stop teething for this poor guy. This shot is not super in focus since it was a last minute shot. But, it does give you a good look at all of those super teeth he has. He has 5 teeth that have fully broken through and working on at least 2 more that are moving in fast.

Things he loves: moving (at all times), exploring different parts of the house, tickles, playing chase, the tunnel in the playroom, food, baths, his glowworm, and big brother.

Things he doesn't love: Being wiped off after eating, changing his diaper or putting clothes on, being squeezed too tight by Ethan.

It definitely took 2 adults to take pictures this month. 

Brady is always on the move. He is cruising around the house on furniture, pushing things around, and the old classic of crawling. A quiet house is a thing of the past. I'm not sure if Ethan picked up his new noise making from mimicking Brady or vise versa. Either way, they are both so loud now! Brady loves to bang things on the ground and the tables. He also "talks" in very loud volumes. But, he is usually a happy boy that is smiling and exploring or tempting you in a game of chase around the house.

This is very rare. He would rather go to sleep in this crib alone after a little bit of chatting to himself for awhile.  :(

Here is a little Ethan love thrown in. I am sparing everyone from the mostly naked photos he wanted taken first. Some arguments aren't worth it!

Eleven months down and one to go. Birthday party is being prepped. We are all looking forward to celebrating this little guy's first birthday at the end of the month! We are stopping the growing after that.....