Monday, August 24, 2015

365 day challenge

For those that are not on Facebook, I am doing a 365 day photo challenge. There are a few reasons why. 1) to help me grow as a photographer, practice with different styles of shooting and editing. 2) I really enjoying lifestyle photography. 3) and more importantly, to really capture my kids in their comfort zone. I can't wait to see the growth a year from now in both myself and them. With that said, some days may not be of either of the kids, most days will be of one or both.

The idea of the challenge is to keep me shooting on a daily basis. I am suppose to pick one. It is entirely to difficult to pick JUST ONE! So I don't. Below are days 1-12. If you don't want to see a bunch of pictures of my kids STOP NOW! If you do, please continue.

Day 1 "Playroom fun"

"Relaxing in his spot"

"Watching his shows"

Day 2 "Ninja Turtles can bake"

Day 3 "Enjoying some only child time"

Day 4 "He's BAACK!!"

Day 5 "Brotherly love"

Day 6 "Unexpected visitor"


Day 7 "Backyard Adventures"

He didn't get dressed until about 4

Day 8 "Learning the fork....nailed it"

Day 9 "Blowing the game bc that's how the Nintendo works"
 Day 10 I had Brady alone for about 20 minutes while Robert and Ethan went to Walgreens. Below are photos of that 20 minute span. He is definitely on the go all.the.time.

But then he sleeps!

So does big brother. 
 One of our many summer trips to the mall. We go almost every weekend.
Day 11 "My superheroes"

Day 12 "Learning all summer"
"Mom, can we go inside now? It's hot"
 I had only planned to do the one of Ethan for today. But then dinner happened and I couldn't resist.

Day 12 "Enjoying Mom's baked ravioli"