Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weekend in Galveston

Last weekend Carissa and I took our Sister's Trip that we used to take every year. But, we took Gaga and the kids with us this year. All three kids had a ton of fun playing at the beach!

They had a great time playing at the beach, snuggling together in bed, walking the Strand, and watching the dolphins. They all liked playing with the chocolate shop's giant bear....until I pretended the bear was talking to Macy. She quickly changed her mind. That's my bad.

Ethan's favorite part was playing in the sand and running through the water. That is a direct quote.

I think my favorite part, outside of wathcing the kids have so much fun playing, was hearing Ethan talking to Macy in bed while we were in the other room having wine. "Macy, do you want to go to the beach tomorrow?" Macy: "Yes" Ethan: "Then go. to. sleep!"

The last half of the ride home was a bit rough. We were all a bit tired and Brady cried most of the way back after he woke up from his nap. He's not much of a car rider.

Until next year.....