Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 7 months Brady!

It has happened. A full month has come and gone. Brady is 7 months already! How did this happen? Please stop sweet boy.

He's not quite mobile, but oh so close. He can get himself around if he wants to by scootching backwards, and he does. He is frequently up on his hands and knees rocking. He gets to moving his legs. He just can't figure out the hands, so he lunges forward and stops. 

The boy loves to eat if you couldn't tell. I think I may be a little more relaxed this time around too. I give him just about anything he can't choke on but keeps him happy while we eat. He loves cornbread, pizza crust, and tortillas. Somehow he has learned to chew them without any teeth. We also started him on puffs for some eating practice. He can pick them up. He can't really figure out how to get it in his mouth with his chubby little hand around it. 

We also took the bath chair out last week now that he is sturdy sitting up. He wasn't too sure about it at first. He learned to love it quickly. And he loves to hit the crap out of the fish on the faucet. I'm not sure what Mr. Grouper, as I call him, did to deserve the abuse.

He has started chatting too. Like Ethan, his first "word" is nah nah dadada. Mom never gets any credit. He's the chattiest when he wakes up. He babbles away in his crib. 

Things he loves: Ethan, eating --- no favorite food, he loves it all, his bouncer, Mommy's high pitch voice, playing with blocks, and putting things in his mouth, that includes Turk's bone, the tv remote, and my phone.

He's such a happy baby. He doesn't really cry too much unless he's tired, hungry, or Ethan is messing with him (Ethan has no boundaries). He's a great eater. He's a pretty good sleeper. He doesn't sleep like Ethan did. But, he sleeps from 8ish to 5-6 most nights. He goes back to sleep for another couple of hours after that. I don't complain though. It may not be like Ethan did, but he's much better than others I know.  And I can't get enough of him nuzzling his head into my shoulder/neck when he is acting shy. Slow down sweet boy. I hate thinking about the fact those chubby feet, hands, and thighs will be gone before I know it. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day Fun

Brady's first Christmas has come and gone. I'm not sure how the time has passed to quickly.

I may have cried just a little. Brady and I were the first ones awake. So we patiently waited for Ethan and Dad to wake up. It was almost 9 before they did.

But, once Ethan was awake......he completely took the morning over. I don't know if he enjoyed the opening or the presents more in the midst of it all. But, he was excited and that is all the matters. He loved the presents that Santa brought him. He liked all of the presents Mom and Dad got for him too. Phew!

After we had our family time, we went over to see Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the family for lunch. We had delicious ham dinner and of course birthday cake for Grandpa for dessert.

We hope everyone else had a great Christmas!

Ethan in a box!