Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo

After 11 months of Ethan asking, "can we get the train down?", "is the train still in the attic?", "when is it time to get the train down?" and a week of, "Can we put the tree up in the playroom?", I gave in. We bought a small tree for the playroom last week on sale at Target. He is in charge of decorating it. He can put whatever he wants on soon as the rest of the Christmas stuff comes down from the attic.

Mommy, it is so beautiful!
Sitting in my lap to admire his tree.

After we got the tree up, he decided it was time for Dad to help put the train together. A little frustration was worth the excitement on this kid's face.

Choo Choo

Dad hard at work

Waiting somewhat patiently 

This girl had a great birthday weekend mixed in there too. Robert came home with wine and cupcakes on Friday afternoon. We went to walk the already busy mall yesterday afternoon to be followed by dinner at Posado's with Patrick and Tatum. Ethan practiced a little driving on the way home from the mall. Today, we had lunch with my family and Grandpa Flynn and Uncle Mike came over for dinner and to play. I didn't bother Grandpa for pictures this time since he just got back from down under and a little jet lagged. 

Sweet boy not complaining about walking around the mall.
A little neighborhood driving
Like father like son

Love these three guys!
Posted to the wall :)
Someone stole my pizza today to gnaw on. 

My two favorite ladies

A great weekend in the books.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Drive-in Movie Day

Brrr, it is cold outside. It has been 4 days and I am more than over it already.

Today, we had a drive-in movie play date at our friend, Nate's, house. We had a little car wash setup for them before starting the feature film, Cars. They had a blast pretending to wash cars and actually washing some of the toy cars in buckets.

Nate had just as much fun washing the floor.

We then started the movie in our cars with some popcorn. Lacie was awesome to think of getting some Cars themed cups to have their popcorn in.

The boys had a great play date. Brady and Reese had a great time too. I didn't catch him smiling. But, he thought it was hilarious when Reese was trying to smother and hug him. They were pretty adorable.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun Day at the Zoo

Today is the last warm day for awhile. It was the perfect day for the zoo. So off we went with Ethan's BFF, Nate and his mom, Lacie. The boys had a great time checking out the animals. But, I think they had more fun reading their maps and chasing one another around.

Ethan and his buddy, Nate
Cutie little meerkats. I love them. Hakuna Matata

Chasing Nate in circles

Roar! at the Tiger

This is one big turtle

Brady's first train ride

And his first trip to the zoo

Love my boys
I guess we are ready for the cold, no, I'm not ready.