Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring California Vacation: Part 2

On Friday, we went Disneyland. What a rainy but fun day. Star Tours, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, fireworks, and light parades, so much fun for the boys. Ethan loves the rides, but so does the little guy. He is such a little thrill seeker! It really was such a great day.

And on our last day in California, we finally got to see the beach. Of course, it was overcast and chilly. But, that didn't stop these three from having a ton of fun!!

When Uncle Chris helps you chase those birds.

My favorite of Ethan!

Our last night we went for froyo and snuggled on the couch together.

We are missing everyone already. We can't wait until everyone comes to visit this summer!! Thanks again for hosting us!!