Monday, December 15, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Week 2

Last week, Bing left you with a little bungee jumping in the kitchen. He started this week out with just as much fun.

December 8 - Snowball fight with a few of Ethan's friends. Bing and friends set up a couple of block walls.

December 9 - Bing went to swinging on a roll of toilet paper in the doorway.

December 10 - There was a monster truck rally in our living room. This was one of Ethan's favorites.

December 11 - We stayed the night at Gaga's again since I had a photoshoot on Friday morning. So our friend Jovie helped out again. She was so sweet to hide some candy canes around the house for him to find. Once he found them all he could have one. However, I left early and was told he sneaked away to have one and got caught. 

December 12 - Back home, Bing was so sweet to bring Ethan a new game, Candyland. Not without playing it first though. Ethan is still trying to figure out how to play. He first thought the spinner was a clock. 

December 13 - Bing had a blast driving the batmobile with Rudolf and some other friends. This, I think, has been Ethan's favorite of the week. Good job, Dad.

December 14 - Bing went for a sleigh ride down the banister. He also left a note to remind Mommy to take our donation boxes to Goodwill today. Thanks, Bing. It's only been ready for about 3 weeks.  Ethan really thought this was funny that he was riding in his shoe. 

He also made sure we went to Goodwill this afternoon. He helped me load the car during naptime. He was so excited to get out and help me unload and deliver to the Goodwill guy. 

And just because....Mommy, take our picture of my brother and me.

What will the upcoming week have in-store for Ethan and Bing? Just 10 more days until Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Program

This week we went to Ethan's (and Brady's) Christmas Program at his preschool. He was so excited about it. The first thing he said to me that morning was "today is my program." Yes, hunny, it is. Since I am at the school most days these past few I weeks, I got to sneak in to watch them practice. I was a little worried everyone was going to get to witness Ethan's dance moves. However, once he got up there he was a little more reserved than I anticipated. They were all very cute singing their songs, Go Tell It On The Mountain and He's Got the Whole World In His Hands.

Walking to the stage
Getting all lined up, hands in the pants.

Introducing himself and wishing a Merry Christmas

They also introduce the younger classes too. Here is little man hanging by himself sitting next to a crib of his classmates.

More Christmas adventures to come.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Elf on the Shelf: Days 1-8

This is the first year Ethan was introduced to The Elf of the Shelf. We did our elf a little differently. He still is a magical elf that Santa sent just for him to watch over him for the Christmas season. But, he will also to be reminding him to do for others and bringing small gifts like puzzles or Christmas books, and crafts. We haven't really used him fully to the naughty and nice list, though we may start trying that with his recent behavior. Our elf's name is Bing. He was delivered to our front door on the morning of December 1st following a letter from Santa to introduce him and remind him to be on his best behavior. Bing was delivered in the wrapped box sitting at the front door. He was excited to have a package delivered to him. Ethan seems to be really enjoying his antics. It took him a couple of days but, he is starting to remember to look for him and guess where he thinks he might be each morning. So here it is. December 1-December 8 of our elf's shenanigans.

December 1 - Breakfast with Bing

December 2 - Bing reading a new Christmas Book to all of Ethan's animal friends.

December  3 - Bing zip-lining across the room (he also left some fun ornaments for him to pass out)

December 4 - Monster truck sleigh. This has been one of his favorites.

December 5 - Gaga's elf Jovie subbed in for a couple of days while we were visiting. The night before we planted seeds (crushed up a candy canes) and Jovie used her magic to grow them. He thought that was pretty cool.

December 6 - Santa says be good. May need to do this one more often. He was an angel this day. It was especially needed since little brother was diagnosed with strep that morning.

December 7 - Bing got himself into some trouble. Sully was there to help out. Ethan thought this one was pretty funny.

December 8 - Bungee jumping to give Ethan a note to Do Something Nice today. We went to the mall with friends to Adopt and Angel. He picked out a fun Monster's Inc. figurine set for a little boy.

Happy Elfing!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Half Birthday Brady!

This six months seems to have gone by much faster than Ethan's first six months. Nevertheless, Brady is half a year already! I can't believe it. This kid needs to slow down. He got extra rocking tonight. I enjoyed just taking in his babyness and baby smells for a little longer. They will be gone far too soon. 

He is a happy boy for the most part. He is on the tail end of the bored phase. The one that he can see others doing things but, he can't quite do anything other than watch. He is sitting up on his own for the most part now. He will still fall backward if he gets a little too excited or if I stand up directly in front him. 

Excuse Ethan's finger
But, going forward and sideways is usually an intended motion to get to something. He is trying so hard to crawl. The only thing missing is his traction. If left on his belly at all he will be in push up position and then continues to rock back and forth. I suspect he will be crawling by Christmas. 

He still loves his brother. The love is mutual....until Brady grabs his toys. And so it begins. 

Get out of my photoshoot, bro
He is also a very loud baby. But, it is a happy loud. He squeals just to hear himself sometimes. He has also recently found his tongue. So, it is constantly out or he is making noises with it as well. 

He is still eating well. He has liked just about everything I have given him. He is definitely a second child. I am not near as weird about what he eats this time around. He mostly eats homemade purees right now. But, he also has proven to like the good mashed potatoes, refried beans, and guacamole (very, very was mostly avocado really). 
We had his 6 month check-up today. He has a great support system to ready him for his shots. The doctor said he is doing great. And she is impressed he is moving as well as he does for a big boy. 

Here are his updated stats: 

Weight: 24 lbs, 5 oz (95%)
Height: 27.25 inches (80%)
Head Circumference: 18 inches (95%)

And just as a comparison, here is a side by side of Ethan's 6 month picture.