Thursday, September 18, 2014

Early signs of Fall!

The past couple of weeks have been showing the signs of Fall coming soon. As we all look forward to comfy sweaters, tall boots, playing in the crunchy leaves, pumpkin patches, and the State Fair, we will play outside to entertain these boys. They both love the fresh air. It is much needed for the big one and always welcome by the baby, who loves having wind blowing in his face.

Of course we have one day in a jacket and jeans and one day in shorts and a tank.

The game of the day is "chase Turk."

Playing with chalk and "watching the clouds go away."

 And playing with bubbles.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for both boys. This year, Ethan will be going every Tuesday and Thursday. Brady will only go on the days that I am working there as a sub.

Ethan was very excited about school until bedtime last night. That's when he told me he didn't want to go see Mrs. Cindy. That was the first thing he told me this morning. Once he got there he was having a great time! He moved classes this year to the three year old class. According to Ethan, he painted with watercolors, played with puzzles, drew lines (tracing worksheets), and ran really fast in chapel.

I know I heard him singing loud for all to hear from a few rooms away. It always makes me smile to know he is enjoying himself in class. He has already been singing his new letter songs this afternoon.

I think that Brady had a harder time adjusting. I know he was happy part of the time because I saw pictures (not this picture, he wouldn't smile for me.)

However, his naps were off. He was super happy to snuggle with me when we got home. He is taking a nice nap now. I think he missed me. I know I missed him. This was a new experience for me. Ethan was only ever left with Grandma, Gaga, or other close family and friends at this age. At least I was just down the hall.

Here's to a good school year!


Brady's 3 monthday!

Our little man, Brady, is 3 months old.  

He is growing so fast. I have already started moving him into some 6 months clothes. There are a few outfits that will be brand new for our friend, Grayson, that will be here in just a few weeks. My guess is he is somewhere close to 16 pounds. He, like his brother, eats a lot. He is getting stronger everyday.  He can hold his head up really well.  And, just today, he started trying to lean forward when I sat him up on the couch. When I place him on his back he has started turning his body to the side. When on his belly, he tries to "swim" across the floor, going nowhere.


Thankfully, he has decided that other people are ok to hold him. It's a good thing because he had a lot of Grandma/Gaga time over the weekend while we were at a wedding. And, he started Mother's Day Out today since I will be working at the church now some days. 

He has become quite the chatty over the past couple of weeks.  He is also especially chatty in the morning or when he has some alone time with Mom or Dad. He is much noisier than Ethan was. Cousin Macy may have some competition in the noise department soon. We do get lots of smiles and giggles from him these days. 

I love big brother's new chair

He has started sleeping through the night. Most nights he is asleep by 9, if not before. He usually sleeps until 5:45, there have been a few 6:30/6:45 in between too. God Bless him for that!

We are finally into a pretty good routine. I am starting to feel more like myself now that he is sleeping longer stretches at night. It's hard to remember a time that he wasn't with us. Two kids is starting to feel like the norm now. 

Now stop growing so fast sweet boy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Circus is in town

This past weekend Gaga asked to take Ethan to his first circus. He was excited to go the show to see elephants. All morning, "let's go get Gaga to go to the circus." The afternoon arrived and he finally got to go. Since I am terrified of clowns, I came back to pick him up later.

Of course, you can't go to the circus without treats. He found a sword that he loved (and still plays with 2 days later).

And you have to start the show with a yummy sno cone, which came home down his leg, his arms, and some a little on his face.

It was finally time for the show. He was amazed.

I am told by mom that he liked the tigers, dogs, clowns, and dump truck the best. According to Ethan: "There were BIIIG elephants, and the little puppy dogs, they were so cute. There was a really big man that did a show and then it was over."

All in all my boy had a great time. Thank you, Gaga, for taking him. Maybe one day I will suck it up and go with him. Maybe.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Brady is 2 months

Another month a flown by us and my baby boy is 2 months old.

He is one happy little guy. He loves to smile and coo. I get the best smiles when I am singing some of Ethan's favorite night time tunes. His favorite time of day is bathtime, followed closely by morning.

He loves to be held and walked around right now. Thank goodness for the Moby some nights or we wouldn't get dinner made. He still eating every 2-3 hours, about 4 ounces usually. He is sleeping about 5 hours stretches at night, most nights 10-3 and then 3:30-8/8:30. Most nights he goes down pretty easily. He is still in his pack and play in our room for now. He will soon be moving to his own bed.

He's a strong little guy. He holds his head up really well. He pushes his weight up on his arms when he's on his belly. He loves to roll himself to his side to smile and chat with me. He actually rolled himself over to his back a few weeks ago. He hasn't done it since, thank goodness. Don't grow up so fast little one.

We went for his checkup this morning. He was very happy and chatty with the doctor. His mood changed when he got his shots. He has been sleeping most of the day since we were done. I am sure it will make for a long night. But, I can't bear to wake him when he doesn't feel himself.

Here are his stats:

Weight: 14.0 pounds (95th percentile)
Height: 23 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 16 1/4 inches (80th percentile)

We love you chunky monkey.